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Blessings Abound! Manifesting your envisioned Life.

In each and every moment there is a space, a space between stimulus and response where we can choose how we want to show up in the situation. Choosing to show up in a way that honors your True self, your principles and your values! This has been an absolutely beautiful weekend of fun, love, camaraderie, synthesis…

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The week is winding down and the wonderful weekend is approaching! I hope all of you have had a chance to have contact with what you are passionate about, experience it, think about it, vision it, imagine it possible. I hope this for all of you! Nite!

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Back to Blogging to inspire conversation and insight.

Good Morning!  As a result of some open conversation on FB and my Personal Development Coach facebook page I decided to come back to blogging.  It seems a good place for that kind of thing.  So I will be posting on both to offer up opportunity to connect.  🙂 A lovely quote to share :…

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