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The importance of transferring energy and why it’s important

Good day friend!  I trust your doing well! If you take the time to read my blog I am guessing you are interested in optimal… so you’re on your way I’m sure!! Tonight during a fitness class I got a blogging inspiration!  It was about catabolic energy and it’s effects on our wellbeing over the long…

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Never underestimate the inclination to bolt – Geneen Roth

Hey everybody! I hope your well.  I hope you are stretching it a little, taking advantage of life as an adventure to the opportunities to get to know yourself a little better, a little deeper.  This is where manifesting your optimum takes place! It is a spiritual platform to purpose!! Let’s ride!! Today, let’s talk…

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New Year’s resolutions: Opportunity or waste of time?

Happy New Year friends!I trust the holiday glitter has settled a bit.  On tv this morning I saw that times square was cleaned up by 8:30! Confetti and all! We had a good time and for the most part busy hands had our mess tidied up about the same time.  Not my hands, btw! lol!…

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