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Peace Be With You

Hello Sunday! Hello friends! I absolutely love Sundays! You? It’s such a wonderful day to do whatever your heart desires! To find rest in the best way that it comes to you! I am in love with Sundays and love the phrase “month of Sunday’s” !! That would be my ideal! =) Sunday’s growing up…

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Breaking the bad habit of being judgmental.

Hi friends,                 Spring has sprung, or so it seems…. at times.  All the comments concerning the sun, or lack of it, got me thinking a lot about judgement.  Not enough to blog… just thinking.  The blogging inspiration came from the current political arena.  And all the judgment…

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Living Your Dream

Hello blog reading friends!  It’s been a long time! I have been going whole hog with the Extreme Art of Self Care, dropping back ten, punting and allowing the flow of what is to bring with it balance.  But I am back tonight to blog about manifesting our dreams and living the life of our…

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