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Welcome to the Love Shack, my I take your order?

Good morning friends!  There are a few minutes left to the morning and I realize if I don’t write this blog today…. well.. I won’t get anything else done today!  Ha!   I like to blog on Sunday’s but truth is the birds of inspiration have not nested and only teased me with flittering above the…

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How Will You Honor This Holiday Of Rebirth?

Hello lovelies!                     What a beautiful day!! Many of you celebrate this holiday weekend in many different ways.  However you observe it, take in a few deep breaths of this gorgeous spring weather.  As you inhale let it touch the very depths of your being and feel the season of renewal in your soul! Because however…

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Dream Big!

Hey everybody! How are you? Looking forward to more beautiful weather I bet.  I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! I sure have!! So many wonderful ideas streaming through my head.  I wonder what ideas are streaming through yours? At this stage of the game (this thing we call life) I have become comfortable…

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