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Parties, desserts, buffets Oh My!!

Good morning friends, Finally getting back to my Sunday blog commitment after feeling really yuk last week with a stomach virus! No fun….. I hope you guys are well. Working with people who are trying to loose weight and feel great over the years, AND experiencing that journey myself, it seems that a common stumbling…

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C.R.E. New Drug Defying Bacteria

A good Sunday morning to you all and a very happy early spring! Today it is my pleasure to share with you some wonderful and informative info from my very close friend and sister-in-law Marguerite Uhlmann Bower, RN / Herbal practitioner who agreed to let her email be presented as a guest blog this week.…

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A little on MOTIVATION

A very bright and sunny Sunday morning to you! I heard you’ve set your plan into motion! FANTASTIC! By making a commitment to shed the excess pounds, to get off the toxic standard American diet, and to finally manifest the healthier, stronger you, you are demonstrating a belief in yourself for wellness AND a worthiness…

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