Fear… It Ain’t No Thing!

It’s a quickie tonight.

I am just super inspired by this quote today. Not so much inspired as “confirmed”.  Once in a while I get this feeling in my gut, like run away butterflies or swarming honey bees. I recognize it as a fear. It comes when I step out into something in a bold way that purely honors and represents what I value or, in other words, honors my “right”.

Sometimes I have to step out while the iron is hot. Sometimes I have to sit on things and when to know which to do is what causes the fear. Did I do the right thing? How will it be received? Will I loose a job, a friend, or something that seems important? It’s a darn miracle I can do it at all! For forty years not only could I not do it at all, I didn’t even know that it was an option and certainly didn’t know how.

All it took was this quote from this beautiful women. I realize that whatever I am fearing, while it is real to me, pales in comparison to standing out and stepping up to the type of opposition she faced.

Taking deep breaths, focussing on them and only them.  Watching and feeling my rising belly, my descending chest. Just the breath, and the sounds, and the smells and watching the story, the one I have weaved that substantiates the fear, drift away…… in huge, shiny, iridescent bubbles.  I love bubbles and reflection balls and all things round and shiny!

It will return, the fear, the story, the butterflies, and so will my attention return to my breath.

Sleep tight, intuitive one. Keep pressing in.  

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