The Gifts of Being in a Funk

I’ve had half dozen beautiful people say to me lately that they’re in a funk, all of them in regards to their healthy living path. They say they are “off the path” and “just have to get back on”. At first my reaction to all of them was, “Yeah!! Me too!!” but here’s what a little curiosity into my SELF showed me was really my Truth.

It was true. I felt the funk. I felt the whispers of, “I’m tired, I don’t want to do this today, I making no progress”, stuff like that. Even more crazy is what happens when those thoughts and their feelings come into play. My super amazing brain that has evolved perfectly for survival kicks in and tries to save me from those crappy feelings and I start kind of desperately looking for some quick fixes and distractions. Yeah you guys, it happens to me too. Like the insidious drug dealer lurching in the shadows, I’m beckoned by promises of this being THE answer, THE way to success and once and for all victory. If I just work harder, if I just go stronger, If I just give more….

Yeah… not so much. Talk about exhausting and overwhelming.

The great thing about becoming the non-judgmental observer of yourself and your life is that you get really real about what’s bullshit and what is absolutely True.

But here’s the light bulb;  I also realized that in the midst of these feelings, these feelings much like yours, I was still going to fitness class, still eating clean and healthy, still moving my body every day. My steps were actually still on the path even though my head wasn’t.

The thing I want to share here is that healthy living every day can and will become second nature to you IF that is what you truly desire. However that does not equal or mean that you stop experiencing the funk. That does not mean that you are always totally pumped and positive about what you are doing and healthy living choices. It does not always mean that you are Miss Mary Sunshine full of positivity and iridescent bubbles ascend from somewhere on your back side, dogs love you, unicorns fly about you and sparkles jump from your teeth every time you smile.

What it does mean is that somewhere in the midst of this journey, with a few great tools that will allow you self love, understanding, re-directing, rest, nurturing, support and understanding, these Funks will stop controlling your life and your actions. You will stop wrapping your identity up in the funk. It means that the absolute Truth of ANY ~ one’s life becomes evident to you and that Truth is that an absolutely kick ass, awesome, stupendous victorious life is full of joy, accomplishments, fun, and peace peppered occasionally with a few really funky, shitty days where everything seems like a struggle and “giving up” seems like not something you feel like doing but completely feels like you already have.

Truth is You are fantastic!! You are successful! You are brilliant! Today, right now, right in the midst of this shit storm! And there is no thought, no emotion, and no action that can change that or has anything to do with how amazing and successful you are. Period. Truth. Weather you believe it yet or not.

And the very gift of experiencing the funk becomes your hard core evidence of just that. In case you haven’t noticed, our brains like evidence. Our brains formulate thought patterns and subsequent feelings as a result of experiences. Without the funk, the acceptance of it and the truth that it does not define you, your resilience, tenacity and brilliance could not exist and more importantly, ever be recognized by your conscious brain.

Ride the emotional waves, get some tools on board, find the support you need and embrace what is. Then one day you will realize that dang… just because I feel like crap and have no desire, I still went to the gym, I still took the dog for a 3 mile walk, I still opted for dressing and gravy and skipped the roll and potatoes and I still filled my plate half full with something green and wonderful.

You are far wiser and more successful that you think you are.

See ya’ soon.   XOXO


  1. Laurie Edwards on October 25, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    Thank you for sharing this….And still we carry on, even when in that "funk". It's all part of our lives. Laurie

  2. Mitzi Sackett on October 25, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    Not only do we carry on, we Thrive, live long and prosper!! Whoo Hoo! =) Thanks for taking the time to comment Laurie. I appreciate it so much and hope you start a trend! =)

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