Beware the Self Condemnation Hook that can hide within “Thoughts Become Things”

So many of us get the whole, energy attracts like energy thing. We have witnessed and humbly come

to the very clear realization that we create our life. Our reality becomes what we focus on and we know the importance of focussing on what we want to believe about ourselves, about others, about life, and the world we live in.

Many of us are out there living it, supporting it and in some of our cases we are assisting others to do the same.

So Mitzi, why the caution flag? What’s the “Hook” your talking about?

Life is like an amazing balancing act. It is the Yin AND the Yang. The Dark side, Luke Skywalker, and the Light and just like the tight rope walker, to walk it, letting go has to take place. A relaxation has to happen. A trust in what has come into the realm that is my life (weather I like it or not) must occur.  Sounds a little like Faith, doesn’t it? It is, and it must occur and knowing that uncertainty is not the opposite of Faith but rather it’s definition. Oh.. but wait… I’m side tracking to another great blogging idea.  😉

Back to the caution. We feel many feelings. Our feelings stem from thought and those thoughts are created out of very deeply written beliefs in our subconscious. Embracing them is incredibly important to our journey, our growth and ultimately, our happiness and contentment with the life we live. Sometimes those feelings are dark. I will not use the word “negative” because I have come to experience that ALL feelings serve us in a very important way and while allowing them and sitting with them can be excruciation it is essential that they be allowed and eventually even embraced.

So here’s the hook, the idea of thoughts becoming things can very easily lead us to self criticism and self condemnation because the concept on an elementary basis can be misunderstood that if we just get the thinking right, if we just stay positive, if we just get to the point where all our tears must be tears of joy that’s where we find our sweet spot! That’s when we really start manifesting what we desire! Trouble is this does not take into account that …. Shit. Just. Happens. And fear and anger and helplessness and utter despair are a reality of this realm. And if we are not careful we will translate this elementary understanding of our ninja, yoda powers into thinking we are not doing something right and we are causing all the crap ton of stuff that can happen to us and around us and this my friends, is just really sad because it is not kind, it is not loving, it is not supportive of our lovely selves and it is not at all empathetic or productive. It can lead to a very long battle with the self. I personally spent many, many years thinking I was broken and needed to be fixed because I could not wrap my head around so many so called “positive” ways of seeing things.

I’m broken because I feel worthless. I’m broken because I feel like a failure. I’m broken because I feel fat and unattractive. I’m broken because I don’t believe in myself. And I just have to try harder, do better, say more affirmation, pray more, press into god. I. Just. Have. To. Be. Better.

How unkind and how incredibly exhausting.

So, beware the hook! And when you come to a place of understanding that thoughts become things and your reality is what you focus on remember this very important Yin to your Yang. You are a Whole and Perfect entity. You were before you got to this earth. You were in your mothers womb and were, You Are, and You always will be.
Even in your darkest hour.
So instead try something like this:

Sometimes I feel afraid as hell and on those days I’m going allow fear. I am going to cry. I am going to allow that i’m not sure how I will carry on. I’m going to feel it. All.

Sometimes I’m going to feel fat and unworthy and I’m going to see all my failures and think I suck. And on those days I’m going to allow that feeling. I am going to feel it All.

And I will do this by disconnecting from the thoughts that cause the feeling and get real cozy with how the feeling shows up in my body. Where it sits and how it wraps itself around my chest, my gut, my extremities, my head. I will notice the thoughts that cause it and I will say, “Yes, it’s understandable, sweetheart, that you feel this way.” And I will have a network of love angels in my life that will listen if I need a listener and I will have distractions that make me feel great like Hip Hop Abs that remind me that feeling fat and unworthy are not the ONLY things I feel in life. I also feel empowered and strong when I do this thing. And I will know how to comfort myself, nurture myself while I just sit and be okay with feeling like I suck and life sucks. And… I will…

Wait for it to pass.

Because pass it will, and in the embracing of it and the allowing of it I will eventually come to witness that in it’s presence I still get up, I still put one foot in front of the other, I still connect with my passion and have great ideas and conversations about how awesome I am doing and will continue to do and I will see the WHOLE that is my life and I will focus on how incredibly ninja like I dodged the self condemnation and I also enjoyed a tasty lunch or a full on, accept all of me, sweaty hug from a precious friend after dance class and therein lies my focus and my thought and those thoughts will become my things, my reality, that my Big, Huge, Amazing wonderful life that has my Amazing wonderful self in it is multicolored and I am a yoda who is embracing it all. All.

You are wonderful. You can not screw this up. It is all a gift. Each and every aspect of it. Relax your shoulders, take a deep breath, go ahead, look down, see the tiny people below. Now … take a step out on the tightrope wire and become one with it. Become and extension of it. You are a ninja, you are Yoda. You are both the Yin and the Yang.

And crazy as it may seem. I love you.

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