It’s Time To Stop Playin’. You Want This and You Know It!

You’ve probably set another health goal for 2016. You want to lose weight, exercise more, get your A1C down, lower your blood pressure, maybe stay off the statins your doctor is threatening you with. Trouble is you have known for a long time that you need to do these things. You WANT to do these things but up to now your attempts are a temporary journey at best. Maybe you’ve really made some changes that have stuck but it’s getting harder to maintain. Maybe you’ve having trouble finding money, time. 

Maybe, like some of my beautiful clients, you can’t even look in the mirror without being driven to tears. 

Thing is, you know what healthy living looks like, don’t you? Sure, maybe you could use a little clarity on food combinations for maximum health, a few tips on getting your sleep or even a little better understanding of how much is enough exercise and what kind but for the most part you do know what healthy food and living look like.

So…. why don’t you do it, consistently? 

You have the power you need right now, today, to totally transform your life, to make healthy choices every day because you want to, to never lose a battle with yourself again over regular exercise. 

How? How do you cross the bridge to healthy habits for life? You know, without thinking about it, like brushing your teeth.  

They key is in your subconscious mind. It is responsible for 90 – 95% of the choices you make, the opinions you have and the outcome you live. Yep… 90 – 95%. 

Without looking at the beliefs that live there you will never ever make changes that last. Ever. 

The conscious mind at best will give you a few weeks, a few months, maybe even a year. Simply making up your mind will only last so long. The subconscious is much stronger than the will of the conscious mind. 
So how do you even know if you have beliefs that are getting in your way? Look at your life. Are you struggling with making something happen that you want? 

Do you have 101 great and real reasons standing in the way? I don’t have time, money, support, etc., etc. This year can only be different for you if you are willing to visit the subconscious beliefs that are creating these realities for you. Your success depends on it! You may not need yet another meal plan. You may not need more fitness advice and I promise even if you could benefit from some, you will also have to address some thoughts and beliefs standing in your way. 

Now, don’t get all winged out about this sounding like, “just think differently, just do it”. You may hate that. I would to. It puts me in the driver seat and God knows that means I have to abandoned the beliefs that have kept me alive until today! Our species fears uncertainty more than being physically harmed. Crazy but true. 

The tools for this re-wiring of the sub-conscious are affectively done with curiosity and kindness and by giving yourself a whole lot of compassion while your doing it. Believe me… I know. 

But at the end of the day, finally getting that I have way more control and power over my life and it’s choices than I realized is an incredibly empowering place to be. 

I’m going to make 2016 the best year yet!! Are you? I hope so because you are amazing and sure are worth what you’re after. Have a good one!!                         

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