The Nudge to Blog for I Have So Much to Say


It seems that those of us who like to blog have periods of time when we don’t. Long periods of time. I want to thank the Podcast Being Boss with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon , for being the confirmation of my ethereal nudge. In several episodes, one of them (I can’t remember which) mentioned several times she has had the desire to start blogging again. Yep. Me too.

So much is happening in our world and right in alignment with it, so much is happening in me. I’m cutting to the chase.

I’m turning in my nutritional advice, my healthy living incentives to speak to a higher call. Yep, I just went there. I’ve broken the crest of the 50-year-old mark and am more certain every day that each and every one of us is being called to rise up for both ourselves, our planet and our species. Women are steeped in finding their power from the divine energy of Yang (masculine energy) and men and woman alike are being asked by the earth, our culture and our times to step into something very different. Something as old as the dawn of mankind, as old as Yang energy and at one time equally as powerful and balanced but no longer so. I’m not sure when we were thrown off balance but I am quite sure it was many hundreds of years. It is the time we all, both genders alike, step into and balance with Divine Yin energy (feminine energy). While many of you would agree if I said we are on a fast track to destroying ourselves in may ways, I’m not going to say that because I romantically believe that timing is everything and it is just time.

While I do still work with women and their health and wellness, my focus has become on body image and emotional eating for women who seem to range between somewhere between late 30’s and mid 60’s. This just seems to be the statistic of those who feel called to work with me so let’s go with it.

Truth is ladies, this body image thing, this self-love as we are thing, this loving ourselves out of the need to comfort eat thing is just a doorway. It’s a doorway to returning to ourselves. Perhaps a self that we are so far removed from that it’s like finding ourselves but honestly, your Truth is and always has been there, inside of you. It just becomes a process of removing the crap that’s been piled atop of it so that you can live it and you can shine.

So as I continue to blog everything will come back to this Truth and this purpose. This time around I invite you to comment, connect and share your voice. In doing so you will be stepping into this amazing power of Love and healing and can be the first steps to healing your body.

I think you are amazing and would love to hear your heart. I’ll be talking to you real soon.   IMG_3354

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