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Does this sound like you?

You’ve been chasing it for years, a healthier you. You want nothing more than to be free of the crazy on again off again, diet mentality you’ve been trying to make stick. Often times you are on the verge of giving up but something inside of you knows that you can have victory over this monkey on your back. You know deeply that there has GOT to be a way to live healthy everyday, eat nutritiously and exercise to support a strong healthy body and most importantly do it with ease, like brushing your teeth.

You're ready. . .

You’re ready to dive deep to find out what’s been standing in the way. You’re ready to leave no stone unturned so that the weight lost stays gone. You’re willing to do the work but you demand that a healthy lifestyle is truly a lifestyle, not a diet, not an unrealistic fitness routine that leaves you overwhelmed and injured. You are looking for it and insisting it because your so done with going around the weight loss/gain block again. In fact, you just can’t do it again! You also know that if your habits, food relationship, body image and thoughts about food is the same next year it might just be the end of you, or at least the end of the hope that there can be a healthier you!

More than anything, you want to be free of letting the way you feel about yourself,
your body and your weight get in the way of living and loving life!

But the trouble is the only thing you know how to do is what you’ve done a dozen times before, go on some diet that leaves you feeling deprived, get on a scale that barely moves after doing everything right and feeling like a failure. The next step is all to often ultimately comforting yourself with more food.
You have no idea how to:

  1. Motivate yourself to move your body every day
  2. Overcome the body shame every time you entertain joining the gym or a fitness class
  3. Find a way to feel good about yourself in your current condition
  4. Eat healthy metabolic fueling meals each and every day, have it be satisfying and something you look forward to
  5. Feel inspired in a health and wellness world that seems to cater to the fit and healthy
  6. Enjoy foods you love without binging or overeating and feeling guilty
  7. Make it easy and doable every day.
Helping women everywhere to be free

Hi Friend,

I have the training, expertise and experience to get you there. Among these are a certification in Life and Transformation coaching form one to the top accredited programs in the country. A certification in group fitness instruction with loads of extras that specialize in post menopausal women, senior citizen and arthritic conditions. And a certification in nutritional counseling. I have been life and health coaching for about 6 years. I’ve served hundreds of people. I have coordinated and designed corporate health and wellness programs, and coached people to lower health risks. In the most recent years I have targeting my service toward women who, like me, have struggled with their weight, health and body for a long time.

I help women Totally Transform their lives
to one of everyday healthy living with ease.

I work with beautiful, strong women who are at times are totally unaware of their strength and beauty but I see it form the very start. I see it and I see your success and I hold that space for you, and encourage you until you can see it yourself.

It is my journey that has allowed me to arrive at a place of health, wellness, vibrance and love for myself, my body, and the world at large. It is my journey that has ultimately set me free from the hamster wheel I once ran on. It is My Story that opened the door to solutions and a rich, full life that I love. I am now free of the constant self criticism. I eat healthy every day. I love the food that goes in my body and so does my body because it’s the best possible nutrients I can provide it. My weight is stable and the permit (binge) / restrict (diet), insanity cycles are over. I move my body with ease and exercise everyday in a way that suites my life at this time with consideration to my limitations, my age, my schedule and my resources. I Dance Fit, I Cardio Kickbox, I Hip Hop to build my abs and core, I walk for peace and I practice Tai Chi. My life is full, beautiful and I am free of the crazy weight loss/gain cycle and diet mentality insanity!

I have literally lost and gained back hundreds of pounds in my life over the span of close to 25 years. Those years were characterized by food relationship dysfunction, body image loathing, hiding, sneaking, and my brain space being primarily occupied by self criticism and feelings of failure.

It took me over 20 years and over $20,000 to create this incredibly healthy life that I live with ease. I love it, embrace it, and am full of gratitude for the journey every day. I have used my training to create the most effective, streamlined method I have to date to help women live their dream of a healthy, vibrant life and to do it in much quicker time than it took me.

I live in the beautiful rural country of upstate NY, in the foothills of the Catskill mountains. I am a mom, a sister, a lover of animals and the earth and love to make my life choices in accordance to honor all of the above. It fills me with joy on a level that is hard to describe. It’s nothing short of our highest point of spirituality, to serve in the way we know we were meant to from the very beginning.

Congrats on being courageous enough to look closely at your healthy life story. If you are ready, if you are done with what has been and you are ready to leave no stone unturned to discover the answers you’ve been waiting for, then I will support you and guide you to get there.

Whatever you have been living, however much you have been struggling, there is freedom and living healthy starting right now is absolutely possible. Here’s the best part yet. You can do it with ease and without struggle. You can do it without self criticism and pressure. You can do it!

Your time has come for a Total Transformation!

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